Chabad Aleph House

2509 Decker Blvd
Columbia, SC 29206

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Chabad at USC: Rohr Chabad House
Location: 1531 Washington St
Columbia, SC, 29201

The Chabad of Columbia opened its doors to the public in 2015 with the help of Rabbi Heshy Epstein and his wife Chava. Located a few minutes away from the University of South Carolina, Columbia’s Chabad caters to a large number of Jewish Gamecocks.1 Chabad on Campus helps students with Shabbat meals, free Mezuzahs for dorm rooms, a space for Jewish students to be themselves and worship.

Part of Chabad’s work also includes the Cutler Jewish Day School in Columbia, which they help run in partnership with Tree of Life synagogue and Beth Shalom synagogue. The day school was established by Rabbi Meir Muller and his wife Sheindel. There are programs catering to those from infancy to the elderly, as well as plenty of events that cater to the larger community.2


1 “Jewish USC – Center for Jewish Life at the University of South Carolina.”
2 “Chabad Center for Jewish Life in Columbia.”

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