Conversations Programs

June 2022
“Reconstruction: An
Unfinished Revolution”

April 2022
“Judah P Benjamin: A Complicated Legacy”

March 2022
“The Rabbis and the War Against Jim Crow Part II”

February 2022
“The Rabbis and the War Against Jim Crow”

January 2022
“Tikkum Olam: Jewish Lawyers and the War against Jim Crow”

December 2021
“Vignettes of Charleston’s Jewish Doctors Post WWII”

November 2021
“South Carolina’s Jewish Nobel Prize Winners: Joseph Goldstein and Robert Furchgott”

September 2021
“The History of South Carolina Jews and Medicine”

August 2021
“Jewish Quotas for Medical and Dental Schools 1920s-1960s”

July 2021
“South Carolina and the Law Post WWII”

June 2021
“South Carolina Jews and the Law”

May 2021
“Rosenwald School: The Beginning of the Jewish-African American Coalition”

April 2021
“Rebirth: South Carolina Holocaust Families”

March 2021
“The Blinding of Isaac Woodard”

March 2021
“South Carolina’s Jewish Merchants”

February 2021
“South Carolina Jews and Reconstruction”

January 2021
“Jews and the Civil War North and South”

November 2020
“Charleston’s Early Jews and the City’s Notable History of Religious Tolerance”

October 2020
“Memories of Ruth Bader Ginsburg”

August 2020
“South Carolina Synagogues 1749 Present”

July 2020
“Reaping the Benefits of a Tolerant Society”

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