Old Silverbrook Cemetery

1405 White Street Summitt Section Anderson, SC (864) 231-2255
Plot Location
Given Name(s)
Date of Birth
Date of Death (English)
Date of Death (Hebrew)
Spouse's Name
Father's Name
Mother's Name
K80 SPC 1BREENJennie EVANS18801932 Simon Bernard  
J80 SPC 3BREENMartha LESSER24-Dec-191121-Aug-1982    
J80 SPC 4BREENMarvin15-Apr-190705-Jan-199613 Tivet 5756   
K82 SPC 1BREENSamuel J05-Jun-191101-Sep-198323 ElulL 5743   
K80 SPC 2BREENSimon Bernard18741953 Jennie EVANS  
J75 SPC 2COHENJosephine LESSER15-Aug-186820-Dec-1937    
J75 SPC 1COHENMary COPELAND15-Apr-186828-May-1930    
J79 SPC 1FUNKENSTEINCaroline GEISBERG23-Dec-192019-Feb-2005 Louis  
J81 SPC 1FUNKENSTEINJulia19-Jul-195016-Jan-2007    
J79 SPC 2FUNKENSTEINLouis27-Dec-191327-Aug-2000 Caroline GEISBERG  
J81 SPC 2FUNSTONLouis21-Aug-194525-Aug-2003    
J77 SPC 2BGEISBERGCarol ROSENBAUM27-May-192222-Aug-2005 Harry, Jr.  
I75 SPC 2GEISBERGCarrie29-Apr-185609-May-1933 Oscar  
I75 SPC 3GEISBERGDora05-Apr-187231-Aug-1945  OscarCarrie
J79 SPC 3GEISBERGEdith JACOBS10-Sep-188303-Jul-1941 Leopold  
J77 SPC 3GEISBERGHarry15-May-189103-Nov-1936 Sadie COHEN  
J77 SPC 2AGEISBERGHarry, Jr.27-Oct-191816-Dec-2009 Carol ROSENBAUM  
I75 SPC 6GEISBERGIsidore11Apr-188025-Aug-1931  OscarCarrie
J79 SPC 4GEISBERGLeopold10-Jul-187323-Jul-1946 Edith JACOBS  
I75 SPC 4GEISBERGMarie09-May-190031-Aug-1967  OscarCarrie
I75 SPC 5GEISBERGMax08-Apr-188208-Dec-1945  OscarCarrie
I75 SPC 1GEISBERGOscar19-Jun-184502-Aug-1920 Carrie  
J77 SPC 1GEISBERGSadie COHEN15-Apr-189414-May-1976 Harry  
J76 SPC 3LESSERAbraham03-Jan-185808-Jul-1934  M. LESSERMartha LESSER
J80 SPC 2LESSERAllie S23-Oct-187914-May-1958 Solomon  
J76 SPC 4LESSERAnnie14-Nov-186230-Aug-1956  M. LESSERMartha LESSER
J76 SPC 1LESSERSamuel20-Sep-187209-Mar-1923  M. LESSERMartha LESSER
J80 SPC 1LESSERSolomon02-Jul-187403-Dec-1946 Allie S  
J76 SPC 2LESSERWilliam07-May-186925-Jun-1931  M. LESSERMartha LESSER
K80 SPC 4PITTMANCoy D19081980    
K80 SPC 3PITTMANMabel BREEN 20-Nov-197516 Kislev 5736   
I77 SPC 2RUBENSTEINFlorie GEISBERG14-Oct-188730-May-1957 Gersohn Alexander  
I77 SPC 1RUBENSTEINGersohn Alexander09-Feb-188726-Apr-1948 Florie GEISBERG  
J78 SPC 2SELIGMANJosephine LESSER15-Jun-186510-May-1951 Martin  
J78 SPC 4SELIGMANJulia P08-Dec-190004-Dec-1957    
J78 SPC 3SELIGMANLeo M10-Mar-189813-Apr-1930  MartinJosephine LESSER
J78 SPC 1SELIGMANMartin25-Jul-186116-May-1924 Josephine LESSER  
K78 SPC 2SILVERSTEINAmy Frances01-Feb-196126-Jun-1985    
K78 SPC 1SILVERSTEINJon FOGEL17-May-195605-May-1958    
SILVERSTEINPhillip26-Jan-193024-Apr-2015Rosalyn FOGELBenjamin SILVERSTEINRebecca SILVERSTEIN
SILVERSTEINRosalyn02-Jan-193117-Aug-2021Phil SILVERSTEINJulius FOGELRita Levy FOGEL

Information and Pictures Submitted by David Draisen

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