Forest Lawn Cemetery

2609 North 29 Highway Jewish Section Anderson, SC (864) 984-6941
Plot #
Given Name(s)
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Place of Death
Date of Death (English)
Date of Death (Hebrew)
Age at Death
Date of Burial
Hebrew Name
Spouse's Name
Father's Name
Mother's Name
LOT 3 SPC 3ABRAMSSol E 08-Dec-1922 19-Dec-1978 4120-Dec-1978    
LOT 17 SPC 1BERNMinnie SIEGEL 1926 12-Sep-19914 Tishrei 57526515-Sep-1991 Sam BERNMax SIEGELBessie SILVERMAN
LOT 17 SPC 2BERNSam 1900Anderson, SC USA30-Jul-197715 Av 57377701-Aug-1977SAMUEL HARRIS BEN MOSHEMinnie SIEGEL BERNMoshe 
LOT 14 SPC 1BIDDLELeona BROWNSTONE 29-Jan-1947 05-May-1984 3707-May-1984 William R BIDDLE  
LOT 11 SPC 2CHARNEYAlan 30-May-1930Anderson, SC USA13-Sep-1992 3117-Sep-1992    
LOT 5 SPC 4CHERKASBeatrice 'Bea' KANTOR 22-Sep-1915Anderson, SC USA13-Jul-199819 Tammuz 57598214-Jul-1998 Eli CHERKAS  
LOT 5 SPC 3CHERKASEli 22-Jan-1908Anderson, SC USA20-Feb-19994 Adar 57599021-Feb-1999 Beatrice KANTOR CHERKAS  
LOT 21 SPC 2DANNEMANDavid Daniel 01-Aug-1918Anderson, SC USA1967 4927-Dec-1967 Sarah ROSENBLUM DANNEMAN  
LOT 21 SPC 1DANNEMANSarah ROSENBLUM 1920 05-Nov-1980 6009-Nov-1980  Nahum ROSENBLUMFreida BAIN
LOT 6 SPC 4DRAISENDora 02-Jun-1884Anderson, SC USA10-Mar-1955 7011-Mar-1955 David DRAISEN  
LOT 6 SPC 1DRAISENEunice POLIAKOFFGreenville, SC USA10-Aug-1914Anderson, SC USA03-Mar-197412 Adar 57345907-Mar-1974YAHUDA BAT ZALMANHyman DRAISENSamuel POLIAKOFFRachel Leah
LOT 6 SPC 2DRAISENHymanLynn, MA USA06-Jun-1913Atlanta, GA USA29-Mar-198922 Adar Ii 57497530-Mar-1989CHYAM BEN DOVIDEunice POLIAKOFF DRAISENDavid DRAISENDora DRAISEN
LOT 3 SPC 1FLEISHMANFlorence BREEN 1905Anderson, SC USA10-Dec-19991 Tivet 57609412-Dec-1999 Theodore FLEISHMAN  
LOT 2 SPC 2FLEISHMANJoseph B. 12-Jul-1908 29-Aug-197522 Elul 57356631-Aug-1975 Libby KIRSH FLEISHMAN  
LOT 2 SPC 1FLEISHMANLibby KIRSH 29-Apr-1911Lexington, KY USA15-Feb-200423 Shevat 57649217-Feb-2004 Joseph FLEISHMAN  
LOT 4 SPC 2FLEISHMANNathan Robert 03-Mar-1894Anderson, SC USA05-May-196917 Iyar7506-May-1969 Sarah L FLEISHMAN  
LOT 4 SPC 1FLEISHMANSarah L 29-Jan-1898Anderson, SC USA22-May-19741 Sivan7624-May-1974 Nathan Robert FLEISHMAN  
LOT 3 SPC 2FLEISHMANTheodore 'Ted' 1901Anderson, SC USA11-Nov-196324 Cheshvan 57246212-Nov-1963 Florence BREEN FLEISHMAN  
LOT 7 SPC 2FRIEDMANDavid  17-Oct-1942Atlanta, GA USA15-Aug-1993 5118-Aug-1993  Martin FRIEDMANFannie MINKOFF
LOT 7 SPC 1FRIEDMANFannie MINKOFF 15-Jul-1906 06-Oct-197310 Tishrei6708-Oct-1973 Martin FRIEDMAN  
LOT 15 SPC 4GOLDBERGEmil 21-Dec-1908 16-Sep-1974 6519-Sep-1974    
LOT 13 SPC 1GREENEElinor SCHULERNY USA06-Apr-1944Anderson, SC USA11-Jan-200721 Tivet 57676214-Jan-2007 Dr. Leslie GREENEMichael SCHULERGertrude
LOT 25 SPC 1GUBBAYAdrian Salom 19-Aug-1920 05-Apr-1992 7106-Apr-1992    
LOT 19 SPC 1KESSLERNettie SIEGEL 12-May-1907 15-Sep-2003 9616-Sep-2003 Walter WOLFE KESSLERMax SIEGELBessie SILVERMAN
LOT 19 SPC 2KESSLERWalter WOLFE 1900 1950 5012-Mar-1950 Nettie SIEGEL KESSLER  
LOT 5 SPC 1KNOBELMarion S 30-Oct-1917 20-Oct-2009 9221-Oct-2009 Robert KNOBEL  
LOT 5 SPC 2KNOBELRobert 23-Oct-1914Anderson, SC USA03-Jul-196917 Tammuz5501-Jul-1969 Marion S KNOBEL  
LOT 28 SPC 1KRAUSEBeverly CANNER 1931Anderson, SC USA22-Sep-200022 Elul 57606926-Sep-2000 Robert Alvin KRAUSELeonard CANNERStella CANNER
LOT 28 SPC 2KRAUSERobert Alvin 'Bob' 1917Anderson, SC USA01-Aug-199010 Av 57507303-Aug-1990 Beverly CANNER KRAUSEMorris KRAUSERae Grace KRAUSE
KRUPSAWManuel "Mike"16-Jul-1928Anderson, SC USA15-Jul-202091
KRUPSAWJanette Rosen12-Mar-1930Anderson, SC USA05-Dec-201585
MCDANIELPatricia Ridgeway05-Sep-293418-Nov-201278
MCDANIELJames Marshall09-Sep-197019-Sep-201646Patricia MCDANIEL
LOT 7 SPC 5REEVERBarbara E 21-Apr-1948    05-Aug-2005    
LOT 20 SPC 4ROSENBLUMAllen Abraham 1923 1986 6314-Oct-1986    
LOT 20 SPC 3ROSENBLUMCaroline 21-Jan-1925 07-Dec-2008 8309-Dec-2008    
LOT 20 SPC 1ROSENBLUMFrieda BAIN 1897 196326 Tishri6615-Oct-1963 Nahum ROSENBLUM  
LOT 20 SPC 2ROSENBLUMNahum 1897 20-May-1968 7122-May-1968 Freida BAIN ROSENBLUM  
LOT 7 SPC 4SHUMANBaby BoyAnderson, SC USA01-May-1972Anderson, SC USA01-May-1972 001-May-1972  Edward SHUMAN Bernice DRAISEN SHUMAN GOLDMAN
LOT 16 SPC 3SIEGELAbe Bob 01-May-1916Anderson, SC USA30-Sep19844 Tishrei 57456801-Oct-1984  Max SIEGELBessie SILVERMAN
LOT 16 SPC 1SIEGELBessie SILVERMAN 12-Mar-1883 29-Jul-1968 8530-Jul-1968 Max SIEGEL  
SIEGELFrances LevyGeorgetown, SC USA04-Apr-1920Manhatten, KS USA24-Aug-201595Reuben SIEGEL
LOT 16 SPC 4SIEGELFrances MOORE 09-Apr-1919 17-Mar-2002    Sol   
LOT 16 SPC 2SIEGELMax 1883 1956 7310-Jun-1956 Bessie SILVERMAN SIEGEL  
LOT 18 SPC 2SIEGELReuben 14-Apr-1908Anderson, SC USA18-Apr-19931 Elul 57538520-Aug-1993  Max SIEGELBessie SILVERMAN
LOT 16 SPC 4SIEGELSol  01-Jul-1912Anderson, SC USA26-Mar-2001 8828-Mar-2001 Frances MOORE SIEGELMax SIEGELBessie SILVERMAN
TURETZKYSeymour BenNorwich, CT USA26-Aug-1939Greenville, SC USA08-Aug-201980Regina TURETZKYIsadore TURETZKYTillie TURETZKY

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