20th Anniversary Celebration

May 16-18, 2014
Charleston SC

Saturday Afternoon Panel Discussion
Moderator: Marty Perlmutter
Panel: Judge Richard Gergel 1998-1999
Jeffrey Rosenblum 200-2001
Robert Rosen 2002-2003
Belinda F. Gergel 2006-2007
Edward Poliakoff 2008-2009
Ann Meddin Hellman 2010-2011
Rachel Gordin Barnett 2012-2013
Current President: David Draisen 2014-2015
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Three Past Presidents Of Blessed Memory
Our Founder: Isadore Lourie 1994-1995
Klyde Robinson 1996-1997
Bernard Warshaw 2004-2005

20th Anniversary Celebration
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Looking Away from Dixie: The Changing Face of the Jewish South
Speaker: Stuart Rockoff
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Pictures taken by Max B Hellman, Laura Moses, Jeri Perlmutter
Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina



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