Southern Jewish Historical Society 45th Annual Conference
“Expanding the Archive(s) of Southern Jewish History”
October 21–24, 2021

Virtual Program Hosted by the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina

Program Committee: Shari Rabin, Dale Rosengarten, Marcie Cohen Ferris, and Ashley Walters

All sessions will be online, Eastern Time, and are free and open to the public.


Thursday, October 21

2–2:15 pm: Welcome
‣ JHSSC president Lilly Filler and SJHS program co-chair Shari Rabin

2:15–3:30 pm: Expanding the Archive(s) of Southern Jewish History
Chair: Marcie Cohen Ferris (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)
Moderator: Jason Lustig (University of Texas-Austin)
‣ Rachel G. Barnett and Lyssa Kligman Harvey (Kugels & Collards, South Carolina)
‣ William Obrochta (Beth Ahabah Museum and Archives, Richmond)
‣ Joshua Furman (Houston Jewish History Archive, Rice University)
‣ Deborah Gurt (Jewish Mobile Oral History Project, Mobile)
‣ Jeremy Katz (William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, Atlanta)
‣ Nora Katz (Institute of Southern Jewish Life, Jackson)
‣ Dale Rosengarten (Jewish Heritage Collection, College of Charleston)

3:45–5 pm: Collecting Kentucky Jewish History
Moderator: Sarah Dorpinghaus (University of Kentucky Libraries)
‣ Janice W. Fernheimer (University of Kentucky)
‣ Heather Fox (University of Louisville)
‣ Abby Glogower (The Filson Historical Society)

Friday, October 22

2–3:15 pm: Janice Rothschild Blumberg Lecture on Culture, Arts, and Southern Jewish History
‣ Laura Leibman (Reed College), “The Art of the (Southern) Jewish Family”
Introduction: Ashley Walters (College of Charleston)

3:30–4:30 pm: Facts and Fictions: Archives of Literature and Performance
Chair: Adam Meyer (Vanderbilt University)
‣ Heather Nathans (Tufts University),“Judaism in the Background: Silent Spectacles and ‘Missing’ Archives in 19thCentury American Theatre”
‣ Michael Hoberman (Fitchburg State University), “Did You Ever Hear of Judah Benjamin? Fictional Representations of the Jewish Confederate”

7 pm: Shabbat Service, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, Charleston (live stream)
‣ Guest presentation, approximately 7:30 pm:
Marni Davis (Georgia State University), “Listen to the Streets: How Old City Maps Can Enrich Our Historical Imagination”

Saturday, October 23

9:30 am: Shabbat Service, Synagogue Emanu-El, Charleston (live stream here or alternately here)
‣ Includes commemorative program, 10:45 am:
“Willard Hirsch and The Menorah for The Six Million,” honoring the renowned Charleston sculptor and the six branched menorah he designed in 1972

1–2:30 pm: Archives and the Discoverable Life
Chair: Ellen Umansky (Fairfield University)
‣ Austin Coke (University of Kentucky), “Lost History: Uncovering Lexington’s Early Jewish Business Community, 1867–1924”
‣ Ray Arsenault (University of South Florida), “The Most Arrested Rabbi in America: Si Dresner’s Civil Rights Activism in the Jim Crow South, 1961–1965”
‣ R. Barbara Gitenstein (College of New Jersey), “Experience Is an Angled Road: My Journey from Florala, Alabama”

Sunday, October 24

11 am–12 pm: JHSSC Annual Meeting Register here

3:30–4:30 pm: Archives of Dislocation and Rescue
Chair: Eric Goldstein (Emory University)
‣ Marilyn Miller (Tulane University), “A Secret Program Revealed: Aid Organization Archives and ‘Enemy Alien’ Internment in the South during World War II”
‣ Andrew Sperling (American University), “Creative Power: A Jewish Refugee in the Jim Crow South”
‣ Joshua Furman (Rice University), “From Kiev to Kowboys: Houston’s Jewish Community and the Soviet Jewry Movement”

4:45–6 pm: Inaugural Dr. Lawrence J. Kanter Lecture on Southern Jewish History
‣ Stephen Whitfield (Brandeis University), “Jewish Lawyers versus Jim Crow”
Introduction: Jay Silverberg, SJHS President

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