Courage, Conscience, and Conformity: SC Jews and the Civil Rights Movement

April 16-17, 2016
Charleston SC

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Saturday, April 16:
Let us Break Bread Together: African Americans, Jews, and South Carolina’s Civil Rights Struggle-
Bobby Donaldson, Associate Professor of History, University of South Carolina
Click Here to listen to the presentation.

Panel Discussion – Rising to the Challenge: Jewish Politicians in and Age of Change
Moderator: The Honorable jean Toal, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of South Carolina (2000-2013)
Panelists: Billy Keyserling, Marvin Lare, Senator Joel Lourie, Jack Swerling
Click Here to listen to Panel Discussion.

Panel Discussion – Revisiting Rivers: Reflections on School Desegregation
Moderator: Jon Hale, Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, College of Charleston
Panelists: Charlie Brown, Millicent Brown, Oveta Glover, Missy Cohen Gold, Robert Rosen, Blanche Weintraub Wine
Click Here to listen to the Panel Discussion.

Reception at Albert and Robin Mercer’s residence

Sunday, April 17
Panel Discussion –¬†Against the Tide: Risks and Rewards of Rejecting the Status Quo
Moderator: Cleveland Sellers, Jr. President, Voorhees College
Panelists: Jack Bass, Dan T Carter, Bill Saunders, Rabbi Robert Seigel
Respondent: Patricia A Sullivan, Professor of History, University of South Carolina
Click Here to listen to the Panel Discussion.

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Pictures taken by Jeri Perlmutter and Max B Hellman
Recordings courtesy of Jewish Heritage Collection Oral History Archives
Recordings volume edited by Alyssa Lee Neely
Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina


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